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Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

"But I was Ally Nightingale, so pull myself together I did."

Mary Ann's Review: 

If I get to have one wish and that wish revolves around the question of who of the Rock Chicks I want to be, before RC 8, I would have picked Stella. All the Rock Chicks are awesome in their own way, but I’d pick Stella, because she has an amazing voice and she has Mace. See, before RC8, my favorite Hot Bunch guy is Mace. 

Now, after the release of RC 8 and I get to have that wish; I’d definitely want to be Ally. Why? She’s Ally! She is the only Rock Chick who’s also a member of the Hot Bunch! She can strip dance with ZZ Top’s Tush and bring the house down with it! She can kick bad-guys’ butts! She has an amazing cool boyfriend with the name Ren Zano. Before RC 8, I worshiped Mace but after reading this book, I was like Mace? Mace who? (Kidding! I still love you Mace!) 

"I powered through that because I was Ally. That’s what I did."

But, hands down, RC8 really cemented KA’s reputation of writing amazingly heartwarming crazy stories. This book made me smile (alone, like a fool) and laugh out loud, with a lot of floor stomping and snorting (because I was trying to hold my laugh in). It also made me cry tears of heartbreak, anger, love, jealousy and even frustration. RC8 made me ride on a train of reminiscing over the past RC books (thru Ally’s and Ren’s part in it) and you can really feel the love. The love from friends and family (blood or not). That’s what made Rock Chick Series so phenomenal. It is a story about (not so) ordinary men and women with (super) extraordinary friendship.

Shirleen and Daisy
These two are the most awesome friends any girl could have. They have your backs anytime in every way possible. Shout out to them, you girls rock!

Man, Ally is so lucky to have two brothers, because that meant their best friends also became her brothers. What I would do to just have Darius backing me up, even though he thinks I’m a pain in the ass!

Lee and Hank
These two made me cry. Really. How much they love their family, their wives, their sister. I mean, they are sooo perfect!

All the parts of this book are noteworthy, but I’d like to site out some of my favorites:

MA: What I really liked about Ally is she really tries to b a straight talker, and not lie to anyone, especially to herself. 

"And Ren Zano was all man.
Unfortunately, I liked men who were all man.
I also had a weakness for men in suits.
I just didn’t like bossy, annoying and in my face.
And, of course, someone who would eventually break my heart, even though I figured he genuinely
didn’t know he was going to eventually do it.
But I knew he would.
MA: This scene really B-R-O-K-E me. Hands up to KA, she really knows how to tear us apart with words.

“So think what you want but I know I’m not jacked,” I whispered. “That, Ren, when a woman lies naked, thus exposed, in a man’s arms, when all she’s thinking about his him, and he calls her another woman’s name, that’s how she knows.”
And with that, I was done.
MA: Apart from making me cry, I also laughed out loud and smiled a lot while reading RC8.

I kept my mouth shut and just gave him big eyes. Indy cuted her way out of things. She was good at
it. It even sometimes worked on Lee.
I’d never tried it but I figured now was as good a time as any.
He took in my big eyes and didn’t find them cute.
I knew this when he declared, “Christ, you’re a pain in my ass.”
MA: More heartbreaking moments...this really kills!

"What I have to do out there with half a mind to wondering what you’ll think about this case or that decision or a client or how you’ll react when I come home and tell you about my day. I wouldn’t have to worry about any of that shit if you trusted me. Believed in me. But you don’t and you won’t, because you don’t want this for me, or for you, or for our future. So what is the fucking point of dragging this shit out now when it already hurts in a way that if we even gave it days, it would kill?”

MA: Ally is sooo brave.

“We’ve been around this and around it and it leads nowhere. I have no fucking clue why you worked so hard to get in there with me when you didn’t want me. But you did. Now, you need to move on. Because I’m me. And if you can’t accept me as I am, then we’re done.
MA: Ren is also a straight talker. Takes no shit, but sometimes can be really hot tempered, he talks first before realizing he’s hurt Ally.

“I’m pissed, and I don’t know what’s goin’ on with you out there, which means I’m pissed because
I’m worried. But that doesn’t negate the fact that I like what we got and I want more.”
MA: More evidence here. But he’s really hot! And did I mention sweet?

“You know what I like?” He didn’t wait for me to answer. He kept going. “I like it when you act all badass, calling me Zano when I don’t have my hands and mouth on you or my d**k inside you.
But when I do, all I get is sweet breathy Rens.”

“You’ve got your way, the way you are and the way you are with the ones you care about. And that tells me, a man gets in there, you give that to him, the children you give him, that man will be all kinds of lucky. And I’ve decided we’re gonna see if that man is me.”
MA: And quite smart too!

“Clue in, Ally,” he immediately volleyed, “Watchin’ the Rock Chicks, I know exactly what does and does not fly with you, and just like every one of those men when their women serves up attitude, I don’t give a shit. And, just sayin’, that attitude, just like with them, is why I’m with you.”

Ally & Ren

“Ally, you been f*ckin’ me for a goddamned year, in love with me since the night we met, and pushing me away that whole time. That’s whacked.”
“There were circumstances that led to all that, Zano.”
“You’re in love with me?” he asked.
“Well, I was,” I snapped.
“So you were in love with me and then you spent a year sleeping practically every night at my side, every morning eating breakfast with me, even though you thought I had feelings for another woman, and you’re not in love with me anymore,” Ren replied immediately.
That sounded absurd.
“Are you using sex as a way to get me to go out with you?” I clipped.
Suddenly he threw his arms out in exasperation.
“Jesus!” he exploded. “Ally, usually a guy’s gotta take a girl out as a way to get sex.”
“I told you, I’m not like other girls.”
You’re Ally. And I’m Ren.”

Rock Chick Revolution marks the end of this series. But wait! We’ve been given clues and hints that Rock Chick will extend to LA! I’m hoping, Darius’ story comes next, and we get loads more of Stella and Mace and all those new LA Hot Bunch and Rock Chick! I’m so freaking excited!

Lastly, it’s probably safe to say you don’t need to know what my rating for this is, right?

Rock On!!!

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