Thursday, June 26, 2014

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel


Have an appetite for a great read? 

Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate would definitely fill that craving for something delicious. It's not only a novel, but it's also a Mexican cookbook and remedy book all in one! 

With each Mexican dish lies the romance and drama between each character. One can almost taste the savory goodness of each platter and experience the passion in each chapter. And as if the banquets were not enough, the tales and fantasies make it all the more interesting.

This book entices the reader's senses to smell the flavors of each recipe and taste the passion of Like Water for Chocolate's drama.

Esquivel's masterpiece left me hungry for more!


Jelai's Review: 

Like Waters For Chocolate is in a form of cook book, romance novel, and a fairytale wrapped into one. While reading,I tasted the different dishes prepared in this story, including the love, anguish, and the suffering of two people helplessly in love with each other.

Yes, "helplessly", for their love was imprisoned by some circumstances neither of them can sprang free. 

We tend to question one's love especially if the morality is concerned. But while flipping through the pages and had a glimpsed on how love was performed in this novel I came to realized no one has the right to question nor judge how great a person's love could be.

Pedro and Tita’s love story seemed so wrong and yet seemed so right!

Love is not an excuse for us to hurt other’s feelings but then isn't it all fair when it comes to love and war?

What's so amusing in this story is-- what Tita feels every time she cooks the food it affects those who tasted it!

The ending feels like a joke but I like the story and how everything goes.

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