Friday, June 27, 2014

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.

Stuck in a colorless world, Tyra Masters decides to chuck her old life and starts searching for something. She doesn’t know what it is until she meets her dream man. The goateed, tattooed, muscled, gravelly voiced motorcycle man who plies her with tequila and gives her the best sex of her life. But she knows it isn’t the tequila and sex talking. He’s it. He’s who she’s been daydreaming about since she could remember.

Until he makes it clear she isn’t who he’s looking for.

Mary Ann's review:
Okay. I was running out of books to read, because sadly I was getting bored or maybe overloading on angst-y YAs on my book list. So I searched goodreads listopia and came across this one.

OMG. Yes, the romance side was scorching. Yes, Kane "Tack" Allen is HOT BUT RUDE. But believe me, he's also sweet. Sweet in a "bam!-you don't expect it coming-sweet" way.

My Favorite Lines/Scenes:

“You’re in love with me,” he said yet again.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Since we met.”
“I know it sounds crazy, Tack, but –”
“Since we met.”
I fell silent for a moment then said softly, “Yes.”
“Thank fuck you needed that fuckin’ job enough to go head-to-head with me,” he muttered.
“Um…” I started to correct, “I think I went head-to-head with you mostly because you were a jerk.
It was only partly because of the job.”
“Then thank fuck I was a jerk.”

“But I’m not your absolution, honey. You earned it before you met me.”
“You’re my reward.”
Oh God.


Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful, Tack.
The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.
“I can’t deal with sweet, thoughtful Kane ‘Tack’ Allen. You need to be a jerk. Immediately. I can
deal with jerky Kane ‘Tack’ Allen.”

“You’ll get used to my sweet,” he promised.

“I’m not sure about that,” I warned.

His eyes changed.

Steely determination.

Oh boy.

Then he stated, “I am.”

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