Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Emma Wells-Finch--the oh-so-proper headmistress of England's St. Gertrude's School for Girls--has come to Texas with just two weeks to ruin her reputation, the only way she can save herself from losing everything she holds dear. And when a gorgeous man who can't afford another scandal meets this hardheaded woman who's determined to cause one, anything can happen, even love. 

MARY ANN: (Originally posted at BLN page, Nov 27, 2012)

This book is actually two stories at the price of one. Kenny & Emma's the main story while Dex & Torie's the side story.

On Emma & Kenny --Kenny is the town's badboy/bully when he was growing up. Spoiled rotten and good by his late mother, Kenny is still making up for his past mistakes. The town has branded him as trouble maker, lazy--and Golf is where Kenny's good at. After being suspended for a brawl, Kenny can't afford another scandal. Enter Emma into the picture--a British headmistress in dire need of a scandal to ruin her so that a very persistent (and creepy) duke will stop blackmailing her for marriage.
“No more thinking!” His jaw set in a stubborn line, and he rested the heel of his hand against the bedpost. “Now, here’s the way it’ll be. The two of us are going to practice a little sexual kinkiness called domination and submission. I’m dominating and you’re submitting! 

Now, what that means, in case I’m not being clear, is that you can’t issue a single order. Not one. You can moan. Moaning’s fine. You can sigh. Sighing’s okay, too. But no orders. And only when I say we’re done can you talk. Then, just two words. Thank and you.”
“First he half drowns her,” Shelby drawled, “then he kisses her. You’ve got strange ways with women, Kenny.”
They both looked up to see that the entire family as well as the Beaudines had gathered around the pool to watch them.
“At least he didn’t spank her,” Torie said.

On Torie and Dex---Torie is Kenny's sister, by the way, and their father owned a computer software company--at the same time that Dex's father owns one too. In the past, both companies had been fierce competitors but due to the rising of many new companies, they decided to merge and the owners decided to include Torie marrying Dex as part of the merger deal. to make sure that either of the two companies will pull a fast one on the other. Torie's greatest wish was to have children, but after two failed marriage, she's almost positive that she's barren. She's also very independent, outspoken and she hates Dex because according to her, Dex's a geek. What she didn't know was that Dex is who she needs in her life, to make her happy and really see her self worth.---In all honestly I like their story more and I wish that SEP has made a novel for them but sadly, she didn't. 
As a matter of fact, I’d like Victoria and Kenny to stay, too. As long as we’re all here, I think it would behoove us to reach some sort of understanding.”

“You hear that, Kenny? Behoove. He talks like he’s inhaled a damned dictionary. And, I swear to God, Dexter, the next time you call me Victoria, I’m going to body slam you.”

I doubt that would be possible.” He slipped his glasses back on. “I’m quite a bit bigger.”
Torie slumped forward and caught her forehead in her hands. “Jesus . . . you are such a dork.”
Pride kicked in, and she lifted her head. “For someone who’s so repulsed by the idea of marrying me, you certainly seemed to have asked a lot of questions.”

“I didn’t say I was repulsed. I happen to be strongly attracted to you.”
His words were a small Band-Aid over her open wounds, enough for her to curl her lip and scoff. “Like that’s a news flash.”

He smiled. “It’s the strangest thing. I’m not a violent man, but ever since Ted made that remark yesterday about somebody needing to swat you, I keep having this recurring image of you turned bottom-up over my lap.”

A rush of heat shot through Torie’s bloodstream. She didn’t like it one bit, so she sneered, “Am I wearing clothes?”

He seemed to be thinking it over. “A full skirt tossed over your head. Panties draped around one ankle."

Between these two pairs, I was laughing and smiling like a fool. A MUST READ!

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