Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

"You're letting me demean you!"
She smiled. "You can't do that. I can only demean myself.

Pretty, flighty Daisy Devreaux can either go to jail or marry the mystery man her father has chosen for her. Arranged marriages don't happen in the modern world, so how did the irrepressible Daisy find herself in this fix?

Alex Markov, as humorless as he is deadly handsome, has no intention of playing the loving bridegroom to a spoiled little feather-head with champagne tastes. He drags Daisy from her uptown life to a broken down traveling circus and sets out to tame her to his ways.

But this man without a soul has met his match in a woman who's nothing but heart. Before long, passion will send them flying sky high without a safety net... risking it all in search of a love that will last forever.

MARY ANN: (Originally posted on BLN's FB Page,August 13, 2013)

It's been a while since I've done a review of an SEP book. But I'm so glad that this is the book to end the "dry spell". I've started reading this last night at 11PM and didn't put it down until it's finished, by 2AM. It is that good, for me. So where to start? 

DAISY- everyone thinks she’s this flighty feather-brained girl, with partying on her mind. She might have had an unorthodox upbringing, since she grew up with her party-girl of a mom, but she’s smart and kind-hearted. For all the injustices and prejudice done to her by her dad, even by her husband, Alex, my need for revenge (on her part) started building up. Then when realization came to those people who wronged her, she just told them it’s not important, because to her, it really is not, anymore. She forgives a lot. 

ALEX- Man, where do I start? He really believes he doesn't know how to love. Yet, Daisy was able to worm inside his heart without him knowing, until, maybe it’s too late???

SO, here are my favorite scenes. BIG SPOILER ALERT!!!
"I, Theodosia ..." She gulped for
air. "... take thee Alexander ..." She gulped again. "... to be my awful wedded husband ..."
"Sweetheart, when it comes to sex, I've got nothing but respect for you."
"Please don't pretend not to understand what I'm talking about."
"I like sex. You like sex. We like having it together. That's all there is to it."
"That's not all there is! Sex needs to be sac—"
"Don't say it, Daisy. If you say the s-word, I swear I'll flirt with every truck stop waitress between
here and Cincinnati.
"You're letting me demean you!"
She smiled. "You can't do that. I can only demean myself.
"I don't love you anymore," she whispered. "I don't love you at all."
His throat closed. "It's all right, sweetheart. I love you enough for both of us."

----5 STARS

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