Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jamie McGuire's Book Launch of Beautiful Oblivion in San Francisco

Jamie talks about her new book, Beautiful Oblivion

 Jamie <3 BLN 
Jamie "promotes" Kat Madrid! :D [tee-hee]

 Me & Jamie

Despite my very messy desk at work, I just couldn't resist leaving early from work to attend Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Oblivion Book Launch in Copperfield Bookstore in San Rafael this evening! I wasn't really planning on going because of my very hectic work load today but as Christina Perri creatively pointed out on her song - I am only HUMAN, I just couldn't resist this chance to meet Jamie again and get my BOB copy signed! So to hell with work, i dropped everything and went to the book launching! HA! in your face work! i'll deal with you tomorrow!

Jamie talked about her new book, her future plans and I was lucky enough and got the chance to ask her a question, i asked her what inspired her to have Trent's plot and she said that she didn't really had a solid plan when writing Trent but it just felt right and everything fell into place. She's totally amazing and so pretty too!  

I asked her if she had plans on visiting the Philippines soon but sadly she said there are no plans yet from her publisher Atria, but who knows?! Everything is possible! On the positive note, she said that Colleen Hoover's plans to visit the Philippines very soon is in the works! Yay!

For those people who haven't read any of Jamie's works yet, what the heck are you all waiting for?! Grab your copies now and promise you will not regret it! :)

What an amazing way to end my day!

PS. I missed my Ultimate Book Buddy today though, Jonesy. Hope we'll have another book event together. I missed Jeff too, our photographer extraordinaire, with his let's get this over and done with photo ops! i have Emby as my photographer today. LOL. and of course, pretty Yohan! 



  1. Awww.. We would have been perfect photographers! Hehehe...

  2. Yep! hehe. Maybe Next time or should i say "Maybe Someday"?! :D

  3. Yup! Maybe Someday, when we join the mile high club! ano daw? May masabi lang. Hehe