Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cover Reveal: Lonzo (A Tycoon Novel) By Kat Madrid And A Teaser!


A supermodel.

After candidly admitting her virginal state, Jordana Almueda, the world's top supermodel, finds herself in the crosshairs of the tabloid media. Worse, she becomes a challenge for men - receiving a record number of proposals (most of them indecent) since her faux pas. Needing a break, she goes off to Italy to play maid of honor to her best friend. Finally, some downtime at last. Or so she thinks.

A billionaire. 
Lonzo Vitale's name exudes power. A billionaire by his early thirties, his undeniable good looks and dynamism inspire awe and grabs headlines. The European business sector follows his boardroom moves, usually a step or two behind, while his bedroom conquests provide fodder for gossip pages.  He is a man who vows never to settle -  a  true serial monogamist.  When his best friend suddenly decides to tie the knot, Lonzo agrees to be his best man, in hopes of changing the groom's mind about the pitfalls of matrimony. 

A story made in tabloid heaven.

On the eve of the wedding, they find themselves entwined on a bed, naked and with no recollection of how they ended there in the first place. 

Or that their naked pictures will be selling tabloids weeks later.

Avoid his eyes. Picture something else. Breathe evenly. Stay focused for the next two minutes, Dana. This dance will soon be over. You can do this…
But he had other ideas. She should have known that he was too arrogant to be ignored.
He tipped her chin with his hand. 
She glared at him. 
His intense eyes searched hers, making her nervous.
What? Her? Nervous? She was never fidgety around guys! She always had the upper hand around them.
Well, obviously Lonzo Vitale was the exception.
She wanted to slap herself for showing weakness around him.
“Why?” he prodded. 
“Why what?” she snapped.
“Why me?”
“I was asking myself the same question.”
“The wide-eyed act won’t work with me, cara.”
“I am not—”
“I won’t marry you. If that’s what you’re after, forget it. Not happening.”
“I’m after what?!” she spluttered. She was at a loss for words.
“It takes more than cherry to make me cough up a wedding ring, “ he said with thinly veiled derision. “You should’ve done your homework. Marriage? Not in my cards. Ever.”
Clearly, the man was a lunatic!
She was so angry, she was visibly trembling.
That’s it! She reached the end of her rope. She won’t take any more abuse! 
“Wow. I’ve been around punks, douchebags and asshats. But you? You took the grand prize. You’re a new breed of asshole! Cuz√£o!” 

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