Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cover Sneak Peek: Megastar [Stars Trilogy] by Eve Montelibano

COVER SNEAK PEEK : DARE YOU LOVE HIM MORE? Soon @ Amazon (Dare Montgomery all over again, in full English; retitled and "remastered" for your reading pleasure:)

MEGASTAR (Stars Trilogy) By Eve Montelibano

Celine is madly in love with Hollywood megastar, the painfully gorgeous Dare Montgomery. She is his self-proclaimed No. 1 fan in the world since grade school. He is her prince charming, knight in shining armor and soul mate rolled into one.

In her dreams, at least.

Now Dare is not exactly the epitome of chivalry, and definitely not the right role model for young, idealistic women like Celine. He is a jaded-to-the bone product of dog-eat-dog Hollywood, a consummate practitioner of casual sex. He has no use for women who write poems and songs in his honor, especially the ones who are dying to make an honest man out of him. Some tried but failed miserably. He is hard to the core and no woman can change or tame him.

But Celine believes otherwise. She has met Dare once, when she was still a little girl and he was just a teenager and they shared one unforgettable moment together, a moment so special that Celine is absolutely convinced that she and Dare are meant for each other. She is the right woman for him and all those starlets and supermodels are just temporary diversions until her second coming into his life. Proof? He was thrice married and thrice divorced.

Dare is waiting for her. She is his one true destiny.

You think she’s crazy?

Think again.

Never underestimate the power of na├»ve delusions. It makes people do the things they don’t normally do. Even the impossible.
And in these moments of impossibility, magic happens.

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