Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Throwback: Prisoner of Passion by Lynne Graham

P for predator,
P for passionate,
P for prey!

These words came to mind when Bella thought of Rico da Silva. The international financier was definitely a predator-hadn't he pounced when her defenses were down? Passionate? Their lovemaking had certainly been that-when Bella was inadvertently caught up in Rico's kidnapping. And now she was Rico's prey; he was determined to seduce her once more. Bella might have been forcibly imprisoned with Rico before, but she was a free woman now-free to meet Rico on her own terms!

Published October 1996.

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Jonah's Fave line:
"Am I allowed to buy you things now?" he asked afterwards. "Festoon you with jewellery?"
"I want a Porsche," Bella said out of sheer badness.
His black lashes dropped over his too expressive eyes, but his sudden tension said it all for him.
"No problem. You pass an advanced driving test and I'll buy you one." "Just you wait," Bella told him

Mary Ann's Fave line:
You're not my prince, Rico. Relax,"she whispered painfully. 
"Learn to enjoy life as the toad who didn't deserve
to be kissed and transformed. This particular Cinderella doesn't believe in
fairy tales."

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