Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: Elements Of Chemistry by Penny Reid

4 atomic bomb stars!!! 
Serial novels no longer appeal to me like they used to. I'm more of a standalone reader. I like fast reads. I hate waiting for the next book to come only to realize that the next book is as cliffy as the first because fvck it! The author decided to end the story in book 3.
confused_rev emoticon
But oh the buts. This book made it easy for me to embrace the 3-part story. After reading the entire 3 books I was vouching for a part 4. Teehee.
What's not to like? Everything feels oh-so-good. Every chemical in my body reacts to this book.
I have so much adoration with Penny Reid. I love her brain I wanna marry it! Lol.
What I love most in this book is the character of the heroine. She's a breath of fresh air. No petty drama. She always say what she feels. She portrays what a woman should be. Thank you, Penny Reid, for creating her! I love Kaitlyn Parker!!!
And of course Sandeke. Gag! I wanna crawl inside the book and do him! confused_rev emoticon
If you want a smart read I highly recommend this book.

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