Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jennifer Hayward - The Magnate's Manifesto

Expected Publication: November 18, 2014

Jared Stone: Visionary, rebel, the tech world's golden boy…and now the most hated man on the planet! 
Bailey St. James: Survivor, powerful female executive, the only woman who refuses to bow down to Jared Stone…and the only woman who can save him? 
When Jared's manifesto makes him public enemy #1 the only way out is to make Bailey an offer she can't refuse—a very public promotion to VP! Now, with a major deal on the line and tensions rising, can it be long before Jared and Bailey move from spreadsheets to bed sheets?

Tere's Review:

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely love this story! I am so thankful that netgalley was able to provide me an advanced copy. I am such a sucker for office romance and this kind of plot just tickled my fancy. For sure, Jennifer Hayward is now one of the HP writers that I am looking forward to!

The Hero, Jared Stone is one of Silicon Valley's golden boy in the tech world, then one day he wrote a manifesto on his views about women which is only meant to be an inside joke among his friends but apparently somebody leaked this manifesto online and now the world just hated him, sales are slowly sinking and its not good esp he has a contract that he needs to secure in France.

Entered Bailey St. James. She worked for Jared for about three yrs and she wanted to be promoted for a VP position but unfortunately all her effort just wasn't enough. Now Bailey is the only chance that Jared had to salvage his sinking career. He has to promote Bailey otherwise he's just going to be branded as a sexist male chauvinist pig for eternity.

All sparks sizzle when they work together as a team to secure the contract in France. Slowly Jared realized that he is falling in love with Bailey. but Bailey has secrets. and she refuse to share it with Jared.

I just love how the story evolves, as a Harlequin Presents reader, all the elements that I love in an HP is there, fast paced, hot, beautiful scenery, chemistry. all is there. I love how strong Bailey was, though she has flaws but I still like her. a lot.

I highly recommend this to the people who loves reading office romance and HP.

4.5 stars.

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