Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Bad Ones are coming, watch out!

The Bad Ones

Love isn't always bright and shiny.

Sometimes, it's dirty and wrong, buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go. Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one should ever see.

Sometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together. One who is a match, and the other who just happens to be gasoline.

One strike is all it takes to burn the whole world down, and that's exactly what they plan on doing.

Even if it kills them.

Warning: this book contains graphic sex, extremely brutal violence, bad language, and people repeatedly and knowingly breaking the law. 


*This is a part of collaboration with the author Stylo Fantome, in exchange of an ARC, we will be giving our review soon!

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