Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Racing The Sun by Karina Halle

4 Beautiful Mother of Stars.
       I like books that make me weep. But I love books that make me feel good after reading them. And I can say I totally fell in love with Racing The Sun.
       This is my first Karina Halle book. Her books has been sitting in my TBR list but never really took it by heart to read them. Well, shame on me. After reading Racing The Sun I immediately put her books on my read-it-or-you'll-die list. (Bahaaa!)
       But on a serious note, Karina Halle writes awesome. Racing The Sun is definitely something that you cannot not read! If you haven't been to Italy, especially in Capri, this book is your free ticket to explore the amazing country. Karina Halle took me to a place I haven't been but feels like I've just gone back from there after reading the book. The way she wrote it I can almost feel the summer heat of Capri, the sand, the hill, and the rocky beaches.
      The author definitely knows how to tell a good story. With other books I've read, I fell inlove with the hero earlier than the heroine herself (lol). But in this book Karina Halle made me fall in love on the exact moment when I should feel it, I feel inlove with Derio the same time Amber did.
      The story was so enggaging in a way that you feel you're in it as well, that you're part of the story and not just a reader.

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