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Here's to Falling by Christine Zolendz

Here's to Falling by Christine Zolendz

Every girl has that one guy…that one guy who steals her heart and never gives it back.

We were all friends…until we weren’t.
We depended on each other…until we couldn’t.
We were in love…until we were ripped apart.
We moved on…even when we didn’t want to let go.

This is our love story.

**This standalone novel contains material that some may find disturbing. Intended for mature readers only.

This book was inspired "By True Events".

5+ Unforgettable stars!

Nope. I don't have any reviews for this book. But here's some advice if you still want to read through this.


Stop reading this review and just read the book. Trust me. The BEST way to read the book is going to it blind, with just the blurb to give the hint of what the story is or are all about. 

I encourage you to refrain from reading any reviews, much more sneak a look for spoilers. And if in the duration of your reading you are tempted to peak in the next few pages to know what happens next.

Please. Don't. You'll thank me for it later. 

Read it from word to the next word. Sentence after sentence. One page to the next. Chapter to chapter.

Before you know it you'll be laughing or giggling from reading something funny. You'll have tears in your eyes. You'll have to stop to take a little break. A little breathing space to ease some ache. Wipe a tear or two from your eyes. And release the breath you didn't realize you've been holding until you've read the last chapter. And smile.

But if you still want a little more push. Here it is:

"I've heard people say that what you remember is not the whole truth; it's our thoughts of what we wanted things to be remembered as.
They believe that we change our memories, that we just fabricate them into pasts that we can live with.
Do I believe that?
No. I believe I remember, every little detail."

The story shifts from past to present and commence with the younger Joey, Charlie and Jase. (And no, it's not a love triangle.) The innocence and friendship of these three was a delight to read and you'll experience them growing up, until they turn 17, when everything happened and Charlotte "Charlie" Stone's life was changed.
"Remember I told you about my BOOM..That was my first one..It wrecked me..My next BOOM, it completely destroyed me." 
I'm not sure how to write something without giving away anything. All I can say is that when things went downhill you'll probably have the urge to stop reading. Because some of the things that happened will not be easy to read.

" day you'll feel like your world is crashing, spinning out of control, whatever the Hell that is to you, whatever storm that comes, whatever tragedy floods your life....believe me we all get touched by some tragedy in our lives." 

Charlie was one of the characters that I admire the most, she was so innocent as a child, feisty and witty as a teenager. And a totally different person as an adult. The things she went through... those are not easy. Not for anyone. 

"I didn't want to one of those girls who needed to be rescued.
I didn't want to be one of those girls who wanted to be rescued.
I wanted to be the heroine of one of those books where I rescued myself."

I admire her strength and courage, for writing her story. For sharing what she went through.

"This wasn't how my story was supposed to be written.This wasn't the way I wanted my story to go.So I needed to rewrite it.Word for word.Rewritten.Because I was so young.So young.And utterly broken."

It was an emotional roller coaster ride. It will make you laugh so hard, it will make you bawl, and then will make you lie on the floor while you collect your self up. I don't want to give away too much, because one of the thrill in reading this story was the mystery. But trust me, things will get better. 

"Our kisses healed our tears.Our touches healed our sadness, and we healed each other.There was nothing that could ever come between us.We were each other's forever."

This is a story about love, innocence, first love, true love, friendship, and loyalty. I hope you are convince by this review to read the book already. You can find it at the link below. 

"Come on, Charlie, come with me down the rabbit hole...I promise I'll be better than any adventure you could ever read."

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