Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ella James - Hansel Book Three (Hansel Part One is Free now)

Hansel Part One is Free now.

And Part Three just went live on Amazon. Part Four releasesDecember 1.

And after that, I'm taking a break from the fairy tales for a few months to focus on a new series called Sinful Secrets. I'm doing a story for each of the seven deadly sins, and each story revolves around a - guess what? - mind-bending secret.

The first of my Sinful Secrets stories is Sloth. I know, I're wondering Sloth could be sexy. Trust me: Sloth is sexy. It's a lot of other things, too, but sexy is definitely one of them.

I originally wanted to do Sloth in four-part serial format, just like the erotic fairy tales, but I decided to break the story up into three parts instead, with each part about twice as long as each part of my erotic fairy tales. I'm writing Sloth far in advance of its pub dates, so I'll be able to release one part every week for three weeks in a row. Those release dates are January 22 for Sloth 1, January 29 for Sloth 2, andFebruary 5 for Sloth 3. As of now, I have no plans to release Sloth 1-3 as a box set. I likely never will, because these parts are closer to novel-length, and I feel like they will stand on their own without the need to lump them together to get the full product.

I'll share the Goodreads link for Sloth 1 whenever there is one.
One-click Hansel Part 1 for FREE!
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Meet Kellan and Cleo, competing college drug dealers - and so much more. You have no idea what's coming...and you's SO intense. I think you will either love it or hate it; it's definitely more...MORE than anything I've written before. I expect you to be shocked by the big twist, and probably doing some ugly crying. Is it evil that I love that? 
Starting November 24, the Monday before Thanksgiving, I will be offering Red & Wolfe 1-4 as a box set, for a limited time. It's been six-ish months since this series released, so I decided to celebrate with this trial run. If you enjoyed Red & Wolfe, tell your friends about the box set. It will probably be sold at $5.99, and available for a limited time.
This is just a reminder that paperback omnibus editions (with Beast 1-4 and Red & Wolfe 1-4 bound up into a single paperback for each story) are still available on my web site for a few more days. I'm about to pull them down for a while and start signing and shipping, but for now, they're still

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