Saturday, August 2, 2014

Carnage # 2 The Story of Me by Lesley Jones

Like I told my friends, Prologue gave me goosebumps. It was so well written, so heartfelt, mesmerizing, love the aus glossary too.. I couldn't stop reading the moment I downloaded it in my kindle. 

During the start of the story when George started to feel desire for the first time since, you know? ( ) I really didn't like Roman's existence there, it did give a good little twist between  Georgia and her cousin Jodie but I really didn't like it. Only redeeming factor was he sang Drops of Jupiter. 

When I read the first book I may have been in a catatonic state for a little while, Lesley was just good at bringing out that emotion in you. I was a complete mess too. I loved the book nevertheless. Do you know the punctuation interrobang? If punctuation marks could speak, that was my reaction to the first book. I told myself, there better be a freaking second book with Cam in it, or I will be forced to give the second book one star rating. I'd say, the title was really carefully and appropriately chosen. 

I love Gia's character, she's so feisty, especially when she's mad. She doesn't see reason. Her reaction about the "Sydney airport" incident looked like a genuine one to me.. I would have reacted the same way. It was just fun reading and imagining it as it unfolds. 

And what can I say I just love the f*ck out of Cam. Despite his age, I think he's sexy. I think of David Gandy. 

It almost broke my heart when I read the "box" incident. I was like "what the!?" (Interrobang, not again!!) and then ok, HEA :) 

5 Drops of Jupiter Stars- JB 

When your world, your life and all of your hopes and dreams for the future are ripped out from under you, how do you go on? 
Death without dying is not only the most painful kind of death, it's also the most painful kind of life and I don't know if I'm strong enough to live it. 
I spend my lonely days and nights trying to make sense of what my life has become. Do I have the strength to move forward into the light, or should I just let the darkness take me? 
I'm Georgia Rae Layton McCarthy and this is the story of me, just me. 
I'm no longer a part of an us, it's just me. 
By myself. 

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